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Updated Jan 2015 :

I managed to shift my entire blog to http://www.bzmommymusings.com/ ! Please update your bookmark :) That space is for the personal side of me.

I will keep this Blog in www.bzmommy.com/blog for my business announcement & promotions :)


Some of my readers got a little shock when they see a shopping site instead of the usual blog which they had been reading since Year 2007 on www.bzmommy.com. Has BZMMOMY sold her URL? BZMOMMY got hacked?

Nothing of that sort..I am still here. And the blog has changed to a sub url  www.bzmommy.com/blog (remember to update your bookmarks!).

I am with mixed feelings, with the change. Afterall, the blog had been a place which accompanied me, my family and some faithful readers for the past 6 years. It's like starting all over again for something which I had built over the years.

I could not migrate the blog easily due to the change of platforms and the only thing (and time) I can do was to pin back 2 posts.  I am sad, but I guess we all have to move on to greater things some day, some how, right? :)

So for those who are new to BZMOMMY, I think I should do a quick introduction (and maybe some memory lane for my old blog).

I started blogging since 2007, when I gave birth to Dawn. This is Dawn, and she is 6 this year.

In 2011, Eva came along, and she is 2 this year.

You will be seeing them more often here too :)

Through the 6 years, I changed my blog layout & design a couple of times. The last blog before migrating looked like this :


I guess the current design of the website looks 100x better than my old website, don't you think so?