New Arrivals 2021

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New Arrivals 2020

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New 2020 arrivals!

New Arrivals 2017~

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New Picks to bring smiles to your bentos!

Eyes are the window to the soul~

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Our new arrivals ~

New Arrivals - Picks!

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We are excited! 3 new designs for food picks coming soon!




New Arrivals - Sandwich Cutter & Panda Condiment Containers

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In stock now! Click on the pictures for the product links!


New Arrival~ Which Zodiac do you belong to?

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Which Zodiac do you belong to? 

They are all cute! 

12 Zodiac Animals Picks

Popular Animal Picks are back in stock!

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The popular Animal Picks are back in stock, with an improved design!

Check it out!

Animal Fork Picks

New Arrivals - Sandwich Cutters!

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Take a look at our new sandwich cutters! Your lunch box will not be dull & boring again! 



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