Popular Animal Picks are back in stock!

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The popular Animal Picks are back in stock, with an improved design!

Check it out!

Animal Fork Picks

New Arrivals - Sandwich Cutters!

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Take a look at our new sandwich cutters! Your lunch box will not be dull & boring again! 



We are moving!

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Hello ; 안녕하세요, こんにちは , 你好, bonjour!!

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Updated Jan 2015 :

I managed to shift my entire blog to http://www.bzmommymusings.com/ ! Please update your bookmark :) That space is for the personal side of me.

I will keep this Blog in www.bzmommy.com/blog for my business announcement & promotions :)


Some of my readers got a little shock when they see a shopping site instead of the usual blog which they had been reading since Year 2007 on www.bzmommy.com. Has BZMMOMY sold her URL? BZMOMMY got hacked?

Nothing of that sort..I am still here. And the blog has changed to a sub url  www.bzmommy.com/blog (remember to update your bookmarks!).

I am with mixed feelings, with the change. Afterall, the blog had been a place which accompanied me, my family and some faithful readers for the past 6 years. It's like starting all over again for something which I had built over the years.

I could not migrate the blog easily due to the change of platforms and the only thing (and time) I can do was to pin back 2 posts.  I am sad, but I guess we all have to move on to greater things some day, some how, right? :)

So for those who are new to BZMOMMY, I think I should do a quick introduction (and maybe some memory lane for my old blog).

I started blogging since 2007, when I gave birth to Dawn. This is Dawn, and she is 6 this year.

In 2011, Eva came along, and she is 2 this year.

You will be seeing them more often here too :)

Through the 6 years, I changed my blog layout & design a couple of times. The last blog before migrating looked like this :


I guess the current design of the website looks 100x better than my old website, don't you think so?

Free Milk and Diapers Samples!

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This post is shifted to http://www.bzmommymusings.com/free/, please check for periodic updates there.

Updated on 09 Oct 2013 with more finds!

Are there really free things in this world? Well, there are indeed freebies (such as diapers, milk powder) which parents can get in Singapore!

Do share with me if you have others so that I can add them into this list!

Milk Powder

√ Abbott - You can get free samples of Similac, Gain, Grow, Pediasure, Isomil milk powder.  From my past experience with my 2 girls, they sent us a 400g tin of milk powder when the girls were 6 months old and 1 year old.  And I must say they are very prompt in this too.

√ Dumex – You can get samples on their Mamil Gold series or the Nutrakids Cereal if your kid is ready for semi solids. For pregnant ladies, you can get the Mamil Mama! 

√ Enfa – Here’s the Enfapro, Enfagrow, Enfakid, Enfaschool or Enfamama milk powder. When I signed up as the club member the other time, they sent us a 400g tin of milk powder when my elder one was 6 months old. After which, they sent 2 packets of the 1-year-old milk powder.  But if I remember correctly, their membership has an expiry date.

√ Nestle –  Join Nestle Baby Club and request to be sent a NANPRO or NAN-HA when baby turns 6 months old! You can also request for Brow Rice/White Rice cereal samples

√ Friso – Call them at 6419 8484 or email at contactus@friso.com.sg

√ S26 – You can get samples on their S26 series.

√ Karihome Goat's Milk – You can get samples here, and Karihome Assorted Sweeties too!


√ Goo.N Diapers – Register and get a free sample of the Goo.N Diaper.

√ Huggies – Register and request for samples.  You can request up to one sample per product per household.  

√ Drypers -You can Request for a Sample via their Facebook Page!

√ MamyPoko – Register and request for sample.

√ Merries – Request for NB to Size L samples. Request here for training pants.

Others (Baby Stuff)

√ Depending on which hospital you gave birth to your child, you will get a Bag of Love or the Baby Plus guidebook. Check out here.

√ If you are staying in the southwest district, you can get a babybliss cash-card valued at $38! This amount is good for paying off some ERP or car park charges right?! For those who do not drive, you can buy your baby items and pay off using the cash-card.  Check out details here.

Sanitary Pads

√ Kao Laurier

√ Kotex

√ Fennel

√ Poise

Activity Books (Soft Copy) for children

√ Children Colouring & Activity Book

√ Lorax Activity Book

√ All sorts of Activities!

Disclosure : This list resulted from my own research & experience. BZMOMMY has no affiliates to any of these sites for this post.

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