P3254 - Antibacterial Film Vehicles


Are you constantly worrying whether the food you had prepared in the morning is still safe for consumption when it's time to consume?

Place these Antibacterial films on the food to inhibit bacteria growth! Adds decoration into your lunch box too!

Total of 50 sheets in each pack (2 different designs x 25 sheets each) - comes in a resealable bag to keep unused ones!

*  Always practice hygiene during food preparation - clean hands, clean utensils & bento box etc

*  The films will not be effective on food that is already contaminated.

*  Ensure that the film touches the food as there is no effect on areas which that do not touch the film.

*  Please do not reuse films. Do not use films in microwave, over, toaster etc.

Imported from & Made in Japan


Each film is abt. 60 mm × 100 mm


Polypropylene & Silver Ion Included (Antibacterial)

Colour: As shown
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