Yummy Smile Animals


Serve curry, stew etc in these cute rice bowls!

You can create different animals rice bowls with the 2 rice moulds and decorate them with nori or food such as ham, omelette etc. The rice mould comes with a handle to help in handling hot rice. Each rice bowl is about 160g of rice.

*Do take note that as the packaging is paper box, the packaging may be slightly damaged during the delivery process even with bubble wrap.*

Package contains :

Rice mould x2 pieces
Nori & Food cutter x2 pieces (2 types)
Cutter mat x1 piece


Rice Mould (rounded ears): Overall Width 14 x Depth 14 x Height 2.5 cm

Rice Mould (pointed ears): Overall Width 13.5 x Depth 14.5 x Height 2.5 cm

Nori / Food cutter: Length 14.5 x Width 12.7 x Thickness 1.2 cm | Length 14.5 x Width 9.5 x Thickness 1.3 cm

Food cutter: Length 13.5 x Width 6 x Thickness 1.5 cm

Cutter mat : Length 12 x Width 8 x Thickness 0.3 cm


Rice Mould : Polypropylene (120 ° C)

Nori / food cutter: ABS resin (80 ° C)

Cutter mat: Silicone rubber (180 ° C)

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