Smiley Mini Nori Punch


Easily creates cute facial expressions for your bento! 

Include 3 cutters in 1 pack - these punchers uses metal blade, thus it cuts crispy seaweed easily

These are Mini Nori Punchers, please refer to dimension and picture on the size comparison with the Nico series punchers

Imported from Japan, Made in China

Package contains :

Nori Puncher x3 pieces (3 types)

Care of Nori Puncher

* Do not wash Nori Puncher with water. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean after use and leave it to air dry.

* Do not use on seasoned seaweed, other ingredients, or paper. 

* Use the puncher on a flat and stable place, and insert only 1 piece of seaweed at any one time.

Ø Dishwasher


Width 2.5 x Depth 2.5 x Height 3 cm (1 piece)


ABS resin, zinc alloy

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