Silicone Vegetable Cups


A set of 4 silicone cups and sheets that are similar in colour and shape to vegetables.
The cup is wide and oval so that it can hold large side dishes.
You can make a colourful lunch box by using these bright vegetable-colored cups and sheets.

If you use raw vegetables as a partition or to add colour to bento, the raw vegetable may deteriorate over time or you may leave it without eating. 

With these silicone vegetable cups, you can decorate your lunch with bright colors while keeping the impression of having a vegetable partition.

These silicone vegetable cups uses thin and soft silicone, hence they are flexible in shape and can fit into various shapes of bento boxes.
The inner surface of the cups are smooth for easy cleaning.


Lettuce cup wide: Width 10 x Depth 7.5 x Height 3 cm

Carrot cup wide: Width 7 x Depth 5 x Height 3 cm

Lettuce sheet large: Length 10.5 x Width 10 cm

Lettuce sheet small: Length 8.5 x Width 8 cm


Silicone rubber (heat resistant temperature: approx. 230 ° C, cold resistant temperature: approx. -40 °C)

Colour: As shown
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