Arnest Twin Chef Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan | Multi-Purpose Non Stick Breakfast Bento Pan


Anyone can make beautiful tamagoyaki easily!

As the pan has an appropriate inclination, it is easy to spread the egg liquid and you can roll it neatly.
The concave and convex shape on the inside of the pan makes it difficult for ingredients to stick to each other.

Since there is a partition in the middle, you can make egg roll on one side and other side dish on the other side.
It saves time, gas and washing - Great for short cooking on busy mornings!

Tip : If you cut the tamagoyaki in half, it will be perfect for the height of your lunch box.


Length 39 x Width 15.5 x Height 5 cm


Body: Aluminum alloy (Inner surface: Fluororesin coating film processing, Outer surface: Baking coating)

Handle: Phenol resin

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