P3026 - Animal Costume


Cuts Cheese, Ham, Bread, Carrot etc. 

Comes with a pick & tweezer

Imported from Japan

Made in China


Bear : abt. 40×44×20mm

Lion:abt. 45×51×20mm

Squirrel : abt. 54×63×20mm

Rabbit (S) : abt. 45×43×20mm

Rabbit (M) : abt. 50×52×20mm

Face (S) : abt. 27×30×13.5mm

Face (M) : abt. 30.5×35.5×13.5mm

Face (Lion) : abt. 31×35×13.5mm


Mold : Polypropylene

Pick : ABS

Tweezers : ABS

Colour: As shown
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